October 20, 2020

Slimming Hints and Tips

While women today would never think of putting on a whalebone corset, they will try just about anything else that offers even a small chance of weight loss. The desire to be thin has led to more than one fad slimming diet, which of course does not work well or for very long. If you would like to lose weight, but want to skip, the unhealthy and sometimes crazy diet plans out there check out a few of these slimming hints and tips.


The human body is in desperate need of H2O, this is something most people have heard, but few actually put into practice. Even though increasing water intake is a simple way to facilitate weight loss, most of the time people would prefer diet pills or weird diets. The daily-recommended allowance of water is a minimum of eight- 8-ounce glasses.

Do you have any idea just how important water can be to your health and a healthy weight? Every major system in the body requires water for proper function, and though most people are aware that the body is mostly water, they do not realize this fact. Water aids your waste disposal system flush toxins and it also helps feed the cells by transporting nutrients. Would you be shocked to learn that hunger and thirst are often confused by the brain? Keeping the body hydrated could in fact curb your appetite.

Bad Diets versus Good Ones

There are probably millions of diets on the market, most of which are phenomenally insane. Desperate people will sink to desperate levels to drop weight quickly, including but not limited to starvation diets, horse tranquilizers and specific food diets. These may work temporarily but most of the time they are completely ineffectual and some can even be dangerous. Cutting out complete food groups, starving or eating only one food group are examples of bad slimming diets, while horse tranquilizers falls into the dangerous category.

When you starve your body of needed nutrition, you kick it into starvation mode. The human body was designed to protect itself from starving and it does so by slowing your metabolism. Fat is considered nutritional stores and your body will do everything possible to protect them!

Good diets are those that are comprised mainly of healthy fruits, vegetables and proteins. You should determine what your base metabolic rate is, the rate at which you currently burn calories. Now if you figure you need to shed 3500 calories for every pound you want to lose. Create a daily diet comprised of healthy foods, which means few if any saturated fats, plenty of vegetables, proteins and even some carbohydrates. Trim the necessary calories to drop around a pound per week.

Move Your Body

It is possible to lose a bit of weight and avoid exercise, nevertheless the best slimming diets should be accompanied by exercise. Increasing your heart rate will burn more fat than cutting calories alone but you will need to be smart about the process. One very good tip is to alternate workouts, strength one day and cardio the next. This prevents your body from becoming used to one form of exercise or another and guards against plateauing.

Final Thoughts

Do not fall into the same traps as other people, forget the fad slimming diets and stick to methods that are proven to work. Most importantly however is to take a healthy approach. Losing weight does not have to be this mysterious process that only a chosen few ever figure out, all you need are the right tips and methods. Approach it from a whole body perspective, which includes exercise, food and water. Slimming diets like this will be much more effective.

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